As said by the Founder

Mehul Gunjaria

"In this lifetime, promise to live with restraint and see things manifest beyond imagination."


Started Joy Of Yoga with a humble intention to help establish a society of universal brotherhood and love, with peace and harmony. Thereby providing for the essential needs of body, mind and soul through the ancient practice of Yoga.


In his journey until now he has taken seminars and workshops for Students, Doctors, Corporate organsations and many other sections of society. He has also trained various audience (including athletes, general sports personnel and people suffering from various mental and physical disorders such as Parkinson's, autism, Diabetes, Obesity, etc.) giving them the results desired, thus helping them adopt Yoga as a way of life.


Has been in the practice of physical discipline for more than a decade. Inspite of being specialized in Hockey, it was his unfulfilled urge to learn traditional arts, that made him explore and further progress towards Yoga. Having spent hours into practice inspite of difficult working schedules, his experience signifies sheer determination with sincere efforts. Being consistent and humble throughout his journey led him setting up the foundation stone, and in further manifestation of Joy Of Yoga.