Therapy Program

This is a one week fully Personalised therapy program, specially meant for people suffering from severe medical disorders. Sessions will be done via Personal Training covering twelve therapy sessions.



Weight Loss Challenge

This is a blend of light as well as rigorous training program, covering healing and toning at the same time which is certain to bring results through our injury-free trainings. The training will be conducted via twelve Personal Training sessions.


Routine Training

This will cover various set of exercises that can be practiced daily, inorder to keep oneself healthy in the long run. The training will be covered through twelve Personal classes.


Healing Program

Tragedy is a part of life. Some are able to come over, however many fail. This is the best thing one could gift someone and help mould and lift their loved ones for the better. The person gets five Personal Training sessions and four tickets to group workshops.


Mother's Training Program

Mother's tend to sacrifice their health for the family's well-being. We have a special training pattern that suits their physical and mental needs helping them in their journey further. This will include twelve Personal Training Classes.


Father's Training Program

Father being the head of the family needs to be healthy. We have a systematic training regime that suits them, helping them maintain their levels of health and fitness in the long run . This includes twelve personal training sessions.


Grand Parents Training

As the saying goes, Old is Gold. Grand Parents are certainly precious and thus addressed with the title 'Grand'. We train them with utmost care understanding their needs. This includes eight Personal classes.


Family Health Celebration

We have come up with this keeping in mind the whole family. This is not limited to the number of family members joining the session. Bring your whole family together. This includes One Personal Session during the Weekend.

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