A lot many people have messaged me recently, asking me why have I stopped writing blog posts and articles and requested if I could write/share something soon.

Well, It’s mostly due to time constraints. However I was recently thinking as how can I pass the message I wish to, though I’d being sharing sayings and other proverbs via my social media pages. But I was really looking for some sayings that had to match my thinking, as I wanted the message to be passed as it is. I came across a saying by a Samurai on wisdom, which literally felt as the same thing that I would be having in my mind. Later I went through a few more sayings by the same Samurai, and every saying was a realisation I’ve had in my mind since years.

I don’t generally agree with modern day thinkers, and nowadays almost anyone and everyone puts their thoughts forward.

But we must keep in mind that the modern day thinkers share the learnings from their bad experiences. Also, not realising that the bad experience happened due to their lack of discipline and causal attitude towards life. Whereas, the traditionalists would voluntarily accept austerity and discipline themselves. One must know that realisations will only come by living a life of austerity. That is the only time when your conscience will speak, otherwise it will only be termed as sentimentalism or mental speculation.

The learnings and realisations will come when you get up at 2-3am each day, (doesn’t matter what time you go off to sleep) and take a cold water bath, train yourself sincerely and in a much disciplined way, each day; where even your sleep though limited hours, becomes a part of your discipline and is done consciously and being well aware. In my view, sleeping for 8 hours a day is bogus. If you train well, your body will not need excess sleep, instead it’ll reject long hours of sleep, keeping you stronger than ever. This is the initial level of discipline one must start with. Train/practice each day, experience the extremes of all weather. Even if it rains go out, get wet and practice. I remember people telling me there’s one life to enjoy, not realising that enjoyment is not something that makes you regret later in life. Whether it be committing a sin in the name of enjoyment or compromising on your practice early morning, by sleeping more hours; it’s certainly not enjoyment but will rather lead to regret in the future.

In one’s journey towards progression, there will always be hurdles, and disturbances but those help strengthen oneself. It should not be seen as anything unnecessary. One must tolerate and being unaffected simply stay on the way, and that is how one masters tolerance and patience in the long run.

In today’s world, sins are considered as mistake. However a mistake can be corrected and one may not have to suffer for, but a sin once done can never ever be corrected and one simply has to live-by. I repeat, it can never ever be corrected. I’ve been heavy on a few things because I wish to make sure that there’s no compromise done anywhere in any form of morals. One should learn to differentiate between a mistake and a sin and not consider it the same, just to comfort themselves.

Discipline must not be seen as restriction and torture, and indiscipline must not be seen as freedom.

Trust a man of character and discipline even if he doesn’t posses anything material, and not a man who only possesses material wealth and fame.

Knowledge has been replaced with information (whether good or bad). But we must know that, information is something that one may simply know, but knowledge is something that has the power to transform a person.

Must, must not be replaced with Should, Can or May.

India is stuck between modernity and traditionalism, and discipline is the need of every moment. If we wish to make the world a better place and want our future generations to thank us; let us the learn to discipline ourselves, first. There’s not much need to tell or teach others on what to do. We can simply be a living example by saying nothing; and an approach like this may not help us train maybe our loved ones or the ones we want, but will certainly attract and help train the worthy.

The modern way of training is through motivation in a wrong way which in turn becomes pampering. The traditionalists trained through discipline. If we try to analyse the life of the people who did wonders, we’ll see that they were the least motivated or I’d rather say rightly motivated, and were more trained in discipline. And I’d conclude here by saying that motivation in excess will lead to a weaker class of men.

I would like to end by saying, imbibe the knowledge and grow. Do nothing wrong and regret nothing.

I’ve shared my thoughts and realisations in hope, that it helps you’ll live a life though difficult, but worth a living.

Do share your questions/views, if any.

Best Wishes!


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  1. Very impressive and eye opening…. you should write more about trying to overcome the temptations for leading a more disciplined life…would be very helpful.

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