Don’t forget to BREATHE

The first time I came across an important aspect of breathing was through a movie. A Master and a Disciple were on a journey to accomplish a task and were almost on the verge of raging a war against The Evil. The Disciple, then out of confusion and anxiety questions his Master. The Master calmly replies to him with a smile.

Below is an excerpt of their conversation.

– We are not going to make it, Are we?
– And even if we do, we’d have to face the Jade army.
– What if I can’t handle it?
– What if I freeze?

– Don’t forget to breathe.
(Conversation ends)

That was deep.

This relates to our lives today. Nowadays we’ve been so busy in our daily routines that we’ve almost forgotten to breathe. We certainly do that which is necessary, and also many at times tend to do things that aren’t necessary at all. However, we forget to do something that’s the most necessary, i.e. To Breathe.

We all know that we have been breathing but what if I have to ask you whether you really did. For a second you may have to think before you answer with a Yes/No. It’s just because we know that life ends if someone doesn’t. But simply knowing is not enough, we should do.

Breathing consciously helps retain our consciousness throughout the day. It keeps us alert and prepared. The experience is also good and the most memorable.

Almost everyone, whether it be someone in their 20’s or it be someone in their
60’s. Almost everyone would agree to the fact that we’ve spent our time doing a lot on allied activities, but never felt our own breath.

Breathing consciously is of utmost importance. And when we feel it, it certainly shows the impact.

In dying to live, we forget how to live, to die. In Yoga, breathing plays a vital role. Also its not just Yoga, whether it be any form of art i.e. singing, dancing, etc.; their essence lies in breathing. We need to accept the fact that traditional arts give a lot of stress on breathing the right way. However, as time passed, the arts were modified thinking that they’re made advanced; but they have lost their essence. This is due to the compromise that has been made in terms of breathing. No modern art nowadays focus on the aspect of breathing. They say skill is important, but they fail to realise that the skill lies in mastering the breath.

Many a times people say that the arts have progressed over the years, however I’d only say that they’ve been compromised based on people’s comfort in making it modern, from traditional.

Ideally a person should rise to the standard that the art is meant for, but today it’s vice-verca. That’s dangerous, as we do not have the real asset to pass on to the next generation.

Let’s try to understand as to why is it so important to not just breathe, but breathe consciously.

Breathing has a lot of impact not just on the gross body, but also on our subtle body as well. Whether it be the bodily organs, or it be our mental state, they’ll all benefit through it.

Breathing reduces a lot many bodily disorders, such as diabetes, high/low blood pressure, insomnia, etc.; and mental disorders as well, such as stress, anxiety, depression, fear, etc.

Not everyone practices Yoga for health or as a recreational activity. But, in whatever form of practice you are in, make your focus through breathing. It will not only improvise you, but also guide you from within. Your conscience will speak. It’ll make you aware of your self, your behaviour and help you overcome any duality that exists leading you to peace within. And that is the real Joy of Yoga.

In the future articles, I’ll talk in detail regarding the benefits of breathing, until then think where do we lack.

Feel free to place you questions/requests below.

Good Luck!


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