Deep breathing is of utmost importance and doing it consciously can only be beneficial to each of us in numerous ways.

Let us try to understand.



Each day or rather i’d say each moment based on the activities that we do, our body gathers various toxins. It can be during our travel to work, eating food, gathering stress and so on. It’s very important for these toxins to be released, otherwise it may lead to severe bodily disorders. Deep breathing helps in cleansing the body. When we deep breathe, we inhale fresh air and release that which is not needed, thus cleansing the body.



Our lives haven’t been so easy. At each stage we’re being tested; whether it be at school, work, or in our personal relationships. A lot of energy gets used up leading to exhaustion in the long run. At such stages, people look for shelter and a source to gain strength from, but not everyone is lucky enough to feel the world a better place. Hence, people end up with habits such as smoking, drinking, and so on. Many also become targets of humiliation and various other disturbing acts. Deep breathing can help us gain proper consciousnes by making us aware of our true self. Thus, helping us regain our strength.



The brain is said to be one of the most important organs, as that is where the body gets its signals from, inorder to respond. Whether it be directly or indirectly, the peripheral and autonomous nervous system are connected to the brain. It is also said that deep breathing helps in proper functioning of the brain.

When you deep breathe, the body is enforced to function in a way that its actually supposed to, otherwise it only functions the way in which it is able to. Deep breathing puts proper pressure on the lungs, diaphragm and other upper and lower respiratory organs. This process helps in avoiding the nostrils to block way for the air to pass, due to which the energy levels in the body increase. The real impact of Asana or any exercise that you do, is only gained through proper breathing. When you’re able to deep breathe, you govern the body the way you’d want to, whether you’d want to make it active or you’d want to make it relaxed.


Deep Breathing is a time tested method, and is said to have done wonders to people who’ve been into regular practice. So next time, whenever you feel confused or worried, don’t forget to breathe.


Good Luck!


In the next blog post, i’ll be sharing different ways of deep breathing.

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