Our mission at Joy Of Yoga, is to help establish a society of universal brotherhood and love, with peace and harmony. Thereby providing for the essential needs of body, mind and soul through the ancient practice of Yoga.


Mehul Gunjaria

Founder | Coach

Yoga means to unite the body, mind and soul with the Supersoul i.e. the Supreme Personality of Godhead. With an intense background in sports and allied fitness activities, initially I felt Yoga was easy to learn. But, that was my complete misconception. The more I learnt, it only made me realise how less I knew. And as I progressed even further, it seemed to be a process that does not have an end. The stretches, strengthening, breathing and especially the philosophy made me feel this was the ultimate knowledge I had been looking for all my life. It helped in training not only the external but also the internal, and always leading to happiness within. It has helped me at every stage of my life by giving a sense of well-being and every new day of practice has been bringing deeper realisations. My journey into the practice of physical discipline started through my training in Hockey (16years ago), and then moving forward in various other sports and fitness activities, though taking a stop but rather I would call it a new beginning when I started practising Yoga. I hold a Teachers Training Certification as well after completing my course in the Year 2016. It was a new life after I received my certificate. Though the certificate was just a piece of paper, but that opened many doors for me and made things a little easier. Though things became a little easier but I wished to voluntarily accept a bigger responsibly and work for a cause. And I could not visualise things as I was more busy in my practice. Those were the days when I would practice for around 40-42 hours a week and would also got to work and do a nine hour shift with added hours of travelling. The journey wasn't easy but I just kept going the same way and remained consistent for few years.

And as the saying goes, "Keep doing what you can; and one day you'll be able to do something, that you thought you couldn't."

One day I made my mind and ended up giving office. I had immense faith and conviction in my training and wanted to live for a purpose.

"The more you look for information, the more you may know. The more you look for knowledge, the more you will transform. And Yoga is knowledge-in-real."

I knew that the journey in the future would be even more difficult, but I also knew that it will be worth it. I won't take any credit for myself, and I'm still in on the path to find a more deeper meaning each day. But I would certainly like to say that that my sincere willingness and efforts, and blessings of the Masters led in setting up the foundation stone for 'JOY OF YOGA'.

And in my journey until now I've taken seminars and workshops for Doctors and Corporates. Also have trained various audience (including athletes, general sports personnel; and people suffering from various mental and physical disorders which includes Parkinson's, Diabetes, Obesity, etc.) giving them the results desired and also helping them adopt Yoga as a way of life.

And my message for you would be -

"Give a sincere try. I promise, it won't go in vain."